Graduate and Professional School Day (GPSD) comes only every other year. So juniors and seniors, this is your last chance to attend, and freshmen and sophomores GPSD 2010 will be your only other chance to participate.

When you come to GPSD on the 22nd, bear in mind that the event begins at 10:00 AM and is always highly popular and well attended.  Plan to come early and consider the following suggestions:


                     •  Dress nicely.

                     •  Come prepared, if you can.

                             You'll get much more out of your conversations with school representatives if you've taken the time

                             beforehand to inform yourself a bit about the schools that most interest you.                     

                     •  Shake hands confidently with the representative, and

                     •  Introduce yourself in a friendly manner.

                     •  Ask lots of questions.

                              Remember, that's why the representatives are at GPSD.  They want to answer your questions, both

                              general questions about graduate or professional school study and specific questions about their

                              respective school, its strengths, and your options.

                     •  Be sure to thank the representatives.

                              Remember that while they're representing their schools, you're representing Duke University, and

                              your good impression will encourage their participation in future GPSDs.

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Welcome to the GPSD website.  The information contained here is intended for your use as a school representative and for the use of students who will be visiting your table on October 22 to inform themselves about graduate and professional school study generally and about your institution in particular. 

This section offers specific information that we hope you will find helpful as you consider whether your institution will accept our invitation to participate this year--if you have not already registered--or as you prepare to visit Durham on the 22nd of October for the GPSD Fair.  If you've attended one or more of our biennial GPSD events in the past, you may already be familiar with how it is structured.  If not, the information we provide should help with your orientation and facilitate the experience for you.  That is certainly our aim.


We offer an online registration system for the convenience of schools invited to participate in GPSD 2008.  Your registration provides us with important information about your institution and the graduate or professional program(s) that will be represented at the GPSD, as well as the name(s) of those who will be representing you.  You will also be able to pay your fees electronically at the same time that you register or later if you prefer (see details below). 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to space limitations, registration for GPSD 2008 is by invitation only.  Therefore, if you have not received an invitation to participate in GPSD 2008, please contact Marguerite Geagan as soon as possible to determine whether we can accommodate your school. 



The following participation fee schedule and payment options apply to GPSD 2008. 

Participation Fees:            

No. of Representatives


Note:  Schools sending one representative should expect to share a (6-foot) table with another school.  This will allow us to accommodate as many schools as possible.


Payment Options:

          Fees may be paid electronically by credit/procurement card (preferred method) either at the time of registration or later in the

          summer.  To register and/or pay participation fees, click here

          Payment by check is also welcome.  If you opt to pay by check, please

               1) make the check payable to: Trinity College of Arts and Sciences;

               2) be sure to note "GPSD 2008" on the bottom corner of the check; and

               3) mail the check to:

                        Marguerite Geagan, Coordinator

                        Graduate and Professional School Day

                        011 Allen Building

                        Box 90043

                        Durham, NC 27708

         Please keep in mind that payment is expected by the first Friday in October (the 3rd).   Fees are refundable if we are

         notified of any cancellations on or before Friday, October 3.


In the weeks and months leading up to the GPSD Fair on October 22, we expect you will want to prepare in various ways for your visit to Durham.  We look forward to assisting you with this in any way we can.  Listed below are some suggestions that you may find useful.  If you have special needs not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact Marguerite, our GPSD Coordinator, for help.

  • Literature and other materials--if you would like to forward materials to us intended for distribution to students who visit your table on October 22, please address and mail them to:

    Marguerite Geagan

    Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

  • Duke University

    Room 011 Allen Building

    Durham, NC 27708

  • Marguerite will arrange for their storage, and we'll see to it that they are waiting for you when you arrive to set up your

           information table in the Bryan Center.

  • Audiovisual or computer links--while the Bryan Center is served by only a limited number of electrical outlets, we will do our best to provide you with access to an electrical source to power a laptop computer or audiovisual equipment.  Please give us as much notice as you can so we can investigate the extent to which we can accommodate your needs in this area. 
  • Hotel accommodations--if you need hotel accommodations for the night of the 21st or 22nd, please click here for a list of Durham hotels located near Duke University--check map links for exact location.  Some hotels offer complimentary shuttle service to the Duke campus, and some may offer a reduced rate for GPSD 2008 participants, so ask about these options.
  • Taxi services--taxi service from RDU airport to Duke University is readily available.  If you need the services of a taxi  to return to your hotel or to go to the airport, you can click here for a list of local taxi service providers.
  • Advertising--if you are interested in advertising your school's participation at our fair in Duke's student newspaper,

          The Chronicle, click here for information on rates and other details.

  • Driving Directions--if you will be driving to Duke from points North, South, East or West, click here for directions to Science Drive.


If you will be traveling by car to GPSD 2008, we are happy to provide you with free parking in the lot next to the Bryan Center, where the Fair will take place. The parking lot is accessible from Science Drive (marked by a black arrow on the map below).


When you arrive on the morning of the 22nd, you will be handed a parking permit at the entrance to the lot.  Please display the permit on your dash.  We suggest that you arrive as early as possible to be ensured a space in the lot. 

Note: In the event the lot is full, you may park in the garage adjacent to the lot, take your ticket stub, and see Marguerite at the Fair to be issued a voucher to use when you exit the garage at the end of the day.


When you arrive in the Bryan Center between 9:00 and 10:00 AM, you will be greeted by members of our staff who will show you to your assigned table and assist you with any set-up needs that you may have.  Your orientation packet will contain a luncheon voucher for each representative of your school and a parking voucher if you have arrived by car and parked in the parking garage beside the Bryan Center. 

The Fair officially begins at 10 AM.  

Between 9:00 and 10:00 we offer pastries, coffee and tea for school representatives, and you are welcome to help yourself to them. 


Between the hours of 12 noon and 1:30, tasty boxed lunches and drinks will be available to each school representative.  These can be consumed in a designated dining area or taken back to your table and eaten there if you prefer.  If you have special dietary needs, please let Marguerite know by October 3.


The GPSD Steering Committee is delighted to invite you to our gala reception, scheduled between the hours of 4:00 and 5:30.  Please join us if you can for a glass or two of fine wine and catered hors d'oeuvres as we celebrate the conclusion to the GPSD 2008 Fair and thank you for your contribution to its success.

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                        SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES                                    

October 22, 2008               

             9:00  - 10:00     School representatives arrive and set up: continental breakfast and coffee available

           10:00  -   4:00     Information sessions with students

           12:00  -   1:30     Boxed lunches for school representatives served (lunch tickets required)

             4:00  -   5:30     Gala reception for school representatives

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                                                           GPSD STEERING COMMITTEE


Norman Keul                          Assoc. Dean, GPSD Director                              

Marguerite Geagan               GSPD Coordinator                                     

Mary Nijhout                           Sr. Assoc. Dean, Graduate School Advisor

Sabrina Thomas                    Assoc. Dean, Business School Advisor

Dan Scheirer                          Assoc. Dean, Health Professions Advisor

Gerald Wilson                        Sr. Assoc. Dean, Law School Advisor   


Phone:  919-684-2096         Address:   011 Allen Building

Fax:       919-660-0488                              Box 90043

                                                                      Durham, NC 27708

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As of October 20, the following schools have indicated their intention to attend Duke's Graduate and Professional School Day 2008.             

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• Boston College
• Boston University
• The College of William & Mary

• Columbia University
• Cornell University
• Duke University

• Emory University
• Fordham University
• The George Washington University
• Hofstra University
• Loyola University New Orleans
• Northeastern University

• Northwestern University
• The Ohio State University-Moritz College of Law
• Penn State University Dickinson School of Law
• Rutgers University-Newark
• Southern Methodist University-Dedman School of Law
• Stanford Law School

• Temple University Beasley School of Law
• Tulane University
• University of California-Irvine
• University of Cincinnati

• University of Connecticut
• University of Denver-Sturm College of Law
• University of Florida-Levin College of Law
• University of Georgia

• University of Maryland
• University of Miami

• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

• University of Richmond

• University of South Carolina

• University of Tennessee
• University of Texas

• University of Virginia
• Vanderbilt University
• Vermont Law School
• Villanova University
• Wake Forest University
• Washington University in St. Louis


• The College of William & Mary Mason
    School of Business

• Columbia University School of Business

• Duke University-Fuqua School of Business

• Emory University-Goizueta Business

    School, PhD Program
• Meredith College School of Business

• MIT Sloan School of Management
• Northeastern University Graduate School

    of Business
• Northwestern University Kellogg School
    of Management
• Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute-
    International Scholars Program
• University of California-Berkeley
    Haas School of Business MFE Program

• UNC-Kenan Flagler MAC Program
University of South Carolina-Moore
    School of Business
University of Virginia-McIntire School
    of Commerce

• University of Virginia-The Darden School
Vanderbilt University-Owen Graduate
    School of Management      
• Wake Forest University-Babcock Graduate

    School of Management
Washington University in St. Louis


• Albert Einstein College of Medicine of

    Yeshiva University-Graduate Program in  

    Biomedical Sciences

• Boston College Graduate School
• Carnegie Mellon University-Heinz School
    of Public Policy & Management

• The College of William & Mary School of

• Columbia University School of
    Engineering & Applied Science

• Duke University Graduate School

• Duke University-Nicholas School of the

    Environment & Earth Sciences
• Emory University Graduate School

• Georgetown University Graduate School
• Georgetown University Biomedical
    Graduate Education
• Howard University Graduate School

• Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg

    School of Public Health
• Meredith College-Master of Education and

    Master of Arts in Teaching
• NYU School of Medicine-Sackler Institute
    of Biomedical Sciences
• Princeton University Graduate School

• Princeton University School of Engineering
    and Applied Science
• Princeton Theological Seminary
• Purdue University College of Engineering
• Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Graduate
• Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-Int'l.
    Scholars Program

• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-

    School of Public Health

• University of Pittsburgh Biomedical Graduate
• University of Texas Southwestern Medical

    Center at Dallas-Graduate School of

    Biomedical Sciences
• Wake Forest University Master of Arts in

• Watson School of Biological Sciences-

    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
• Yale Divinity School


• Boston University Mental Health and

    Behavioral Medicine Program

• Campbell University School of Pharmacy
• Case Western Reserve University-Cleveland
    Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

• Dartmouth College-Institute for Health
    Policy and Clinical Practice

• Drexel University College of Medicine
• Duke-NUS Graduate Medical
• Duke University Physician Assistant Program
• Duke University School of Medicine

• Duke University School of Nursing-

    Accelerated BSN Program
• East Carolina University Brody School of

• Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic

• The George Washington University School of
• Howard University College of Medicine

• Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg

    School of Public Health

• Loyola University Chicago Stritch School
    of Medicine
• Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
• Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
• Simmons College School of Health Sciences

• University of Chicago Pritzker School of
• University of Connecticut School of Medicine
• University of Florida College of Medicine
• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-

    School of Public Health
• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-

    School of Medicine & MED
• University of Virginia School of Medicine
• Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

• Virginia Commonwealth University School
    of Medicine
• Wake Forest University Master of Arts in

• Wake Forest University School of Medicine
• Washington University in St. Louis







October 22, 2008

10 am - 4 pm

in the

Bryan Center



October 22, 2008

10 am - 4 pm

in the

Bryan Center

This Fall 2008 the academic deans of Trinity College are pleased to sponsor Graduate and Professional School Day (GPSD), a one-day fair for Duke undergraduate students  and alumni. This event brings to the Duke campus representatives from more than 100   schools with graduate, business, law, and health professions programs.

The GPSD provides an opportunity for schools to recruit our excellent students and recent graduates, and gives students a chance to talk informally with admissions folks about their specific institutions and about the benefits of graduate and/or professional study in general.

This fall we're assembling a strong and diverse group of graduate and professional schools from an array of public and private universities to participate in Graduate and Professional School Day 2008.  

Be sure to mark October 22 on your calendar and come to GPSD 2008!

Duke University

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences